Al Folk Project
One of a Kind in the Region
A Group We Should not Neglect
Because They Have Special Needs
They Deserve Our Help
We Make Heroes
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Goals of Al Folk



Vocational Education


Talent Development


Al Folk has:


Residence Rooms


Places for Learning


Places for Vocational Learning

Places for Talent Development





Attached Farms

His Holiness Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria Word about Al Folk

Al Folk Design

Based on the Coptic Church’s mission, spiritual role, and keenness on the integrated development of everyone,The Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Tanta under the auspices of His Eminence Metropolitan Paula has taken special interest to build a unique project in the region to provide care for people with special needs. The Project is located in Hesset Akwah, Kafr El-Zayat, El Gharbya Governorate.

This project fulfills some of president Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s ambitions for this category.

His Eminence, Anba Paula, Metropolitan of Tanta , at the foundation stone-laying ceremony

The project is also based on a field study of many similar projects in Italy and Switzerland, which His Eminence Anba Paula visited and studied himself. In the meantime, two leaders are being trained for a year inseveral places in Italy in order to again practical experience in addition to about thirty young men and women receiving a training in SETI center, Caritas Organization.

0 m2
Total Area
0 m2
Gardens, Sports Fields, Greenhouses
0 m2
First Building Area
0 m2
Second Building Area

Reasons behind the selection of the location

First :-having sufficient areas owned by the church within the residential block.

Second:- raising the efficiency of this village, which is less fortunate than many other villages, regarding the available development opportunities.

Third:- providing multiple job opportunities for the people of this village.

This project (Al Folk) serves four categories:

The first category:

Residents (64) boys and girls over 18 years old.

The second category:

An equal number of the previous category aged (4-18 years) frequenting the place.

The third category:

Parents in order to develop their abilities in dealing with their children.

The fourth category:

Establishing an institute to prepare people to work on similar projects elsewhere.

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