The architectural design of the building is unique as it takes the shape of Noah’s ark with its sublime connotations. Just as Noah’s ark, Al Folk is a way of life that brings its residents and those who frequent it to a new hope-packed life.

The Design of Al Folk and the Attached Building


The Attached Building

Ground Floor

Once inside the building on the ground floor through the main door, there is an illuminated engraved mural made up of a variety of animals in reference to their counterparts in the ark with our father Noah in addition to some pictures representing the construction stages of Noah’s Ark.

The Main Entrance

Then there is the reception desk to deal with the residents, those who frequent Al-Folk, their families as well as the visitors.

On this floor, there are many areas for the practice of hobbies, crafts and various activities such as (music, art, carpentry, carton, sewing, wax, …etc.)

The Corridor

The Gym

This is a hall equipped with advanced sports equipment to rehabilitate and train the residents and those who frequent the building.


They are provided with the latest medical devices and instruments in this field. The clinics also have glass separators to allow families and parents to see their child during treatment and rehabilitation without the child seeing them so that he/she is not distracted.

Dining Room

It is equipped to suit the special circumstances of the residents and a kitchen is attached to prepare meals for those dealing with the building.

The Library

Classroom Model

Sewing Workshop Model

Music Workshop Model

Art Workshop Model

Carpentry Workshop Model

Carton Workshop Model

Second and Third Floors

They are residential floors. Each is divided into four apartments.

Apartments are defined by colors. Each apartment has a specific color to help its residents to get back easily to their places.

Each apartment has 4 rooms, and each room has two residents.

There is also a reception hall in every apartment and by the door, there are the codes of each of its residents. The code is a symbol selected by the resident where it could be one of the saints, vehicles,birds,…etc with the picture of the resident attached to it. This code acts as a guide for the resident throughout the stay in Al Folk.

Inside each room, the resident finds their selected color dominating everything

 (bed sheets – wardrobe – towels – chairs)

Apartment Living Room Model (for Girls)



Inside the rooms, bathrooms are equipped in accordance with the special needs of the residents.

Apartment Bathroom Model (Unified)

Corridor Model

Fourth (Last) Floor

In this floor, there is a theater which embraces the meetings and seminars organized for the residents and those who frequent the building. Also, this is where residents can present some of their music or art works that they have learnt. In addition, we will be hosting some educational, musical, or entertaining shows for some artistic and musical bands.

The theater is specially prepared with spaces for wheelchairs.

On this floor, there are multi-purpose halls for various activities plus bathrooms

The Theater

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